English Beginner (A1)

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English Beginner (A1)

Take the Argot English Beginner Test to check your progress. Get a certificate for passing the level.

_______ the apples in the basket are rotten, so I can use _______ them for the pie.

 A:…………….? B: He sent them to Susie.

A: …… ? B: No, I don’t.

This is a good film, ……?

A: I want …… something to you. B: Let me ……. You lost my book. didn’t you? A: Yes. How do you know it? B:             Somebody brought it back to me.

He gave me two music CDs, but I liked ___ of them.

A: Which of the last 2 episodes did you like? B: ___ of them. I think ___ of them were very boring.

A: There are four radios in the attic. B: Yes, but ___ of them work. They are ___ broken.

The little girl can hear us,……?

She has got lots of books in her bookcase, and she has read _______ them.

A: Are _______ the cupboards empty? B: No, Only the one on the left is empty. There are plates inside the                 other one.

A: Bob is too inexperienced …… that Job. B: But he still hopes …… it.

 Samuel bought some sweets from the shop, and he ate ___ of them in 2 hours.

A: There is a new play at the theatre, …… ? B: Yes, there is. You want to see it, ……?

There are two slices of cake left on the plate. I’ll  eat _______ them. You can have them.

A: …… ? B: No, you haven’t.

Henry has never left his hometown, ……?

A: …… emails have we received from customers? B: Fifty-nine

  Nancy and Jenny are 27  years old and they are ___ bankers

 Hans and Klaus are from Germany, and ____ them are from the city of Frankfurt.

A: …… glass is this? B: It’s Brad’s.

Aaron and Milan are friends and ___ of them go to the same school. They are classmates, too.

A:……………..? B: Joey cut the paper.

A: I have got two dictionaries, but ___ of them include the meaning of that word in it. B: You can look it up in an online dictionary then.

A: …… I B: Yes, I am.

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