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Learn English through live speaking situational dialogues with AI Buddies 

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Our AI tutors listen and give you advice to improve your speaking skills.

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Language curriculum based on CEFR framework developed by experts

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ARGOT is a breakthrough language learning method using advanced AI to provide personal VIP learning support with Buddies and Tutors to accelerate your learning.

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How it Works

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Choose a situation
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Summer 2021

No Stress! Live Exchanges

Are you tired of language exercises which do not help you to speak? ARGOT provides on demand, realistic language situations and AI Buddies.

Get Timely Relevant Language Tips

Is it difficult to remember yesterday’s lesson?. ARGOT recycles language and gives you hints to help you remember.

Buddies at the same level

Choose your AI Buddy’s level to match your level. Ask ARGOT any time to change the level to suit your ability..

Smart Voice Search

Are you frustrated by language learning apps which are difficult to navigate? Use ARGOT’s voice search for fast, convenient access.

Social and Business Content

ARGOT language situations offer an ever-growing corpus of typical speaking situations in social and business contexts for multiple languages.

Access Anywhere

Learn the way you want. Keep ARGOT in your mobile or find a school or business which uses the ARGOT system for language learning.

Coming Soon

Winter 2021


Looking for a different language? ARGOT will have you covered. Join our team of volunteers to develop and test these languages and become a lifetime VIP!

Summer 2021


English, Japanese and Spanish are three of the most popular languages to study today. English is invaluable for travel, meeting new friends around the world, and for business. Japanese is very useful when visiting one of the world’s most unique cultures and for doing business in Asia. Spanish is widely spoken in the Americas and in Europe. Register today to get access to our pre-release to study any one of these languages.

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We are building an Argot community of students, schools, universities and businesses. We are looking Language Learners, Language Pair Editors, Lesson Content Creators, Teachers, Researchers and Corporate Trainers.
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We are building the next generation of polylingual speakers. Are you a teacher, business leader, trainer, entrepreneur? Let’s build Argot together. We are actively looking for partners to introduce and build Argot globally.

Argot for Schools

Argot is a great language learning tool for classroom and individual study for schools and colleges.

Argot for Business

Integrate Argot with learning resources in the workplace. Contact us for more information about licensing..

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ARGOT?

ARGOT is a breakthrough approach to learning any language though live situational dialogs. Practice speaking with an AI Buddy and get realtime feedback from your AI Tutor.

What makes ARGOT different and better?

ARGOT allows you to speak and listen in real situational dialogues. By speaking and responding to your AI partner, you will be more confident, productive, and able to recall more vocabulary in a shorter amount of time.

How does an AI Tutor help me learn?

ARGOT is built with a proprietary ‘listening in’ algorithm which you control. Turn it on and the Tutor will follow you and keep a record of your progress. With hints and suggestions, you will be able to improve your speaking, and listening. Your AI Tutor will also suggest extra reading and writing exercises to reinforce your learning.

How do I start?

Pre-register here today and gegt early access to Argot as a VIP private user. Choose from English, Japanese or Spanish. We wil release new lessons weekly. Give us feedback to earn points and rewards. As soon as we launch the platform, you will be the first in line to have Argot.