Argot for Schools is a language service for all education partners in the public and private sectors from junior school through to University. Argot is the perfect complementary language learning solution to help students become more confident and fluent in speaking and interacting in another language.

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Language Training for Schools 

 Argot uses AI technology and generative language algorithms to design or complement language programs for your classes at any level of education, qualified by leading experts in language program design and execution. Breakthrough multilingual communication for your students in general language learning studying for exams, and academic learning.  Argot empowers students with self-study habits and routines.

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Choose your native instruction language.
Choose up to 60 target language(s).

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Why Argot?

Argot English Test

Take the Argot English Assessment Test to find out your level. Get a certificate after you finish the test.

You won't forget to email those files, _______?

She managed to pull the horse up is spite of ________ a broken rein.

Choose the correct option: She asked the shop assistant...

He wouldn't be so successful now if he __________ so hard when he was at school.

_______ longer do we expect politicians to tell us the truth.

Most observers predict the bill won't see _________ light of day until at least January.

There was a problem with the cooker, but I _______ it now.

By the time we _________ at the party, the band had stopped playing.

The fact of the _________ is we have a government that will do what it wants to do for the next two years.

Allow me to be the first to _________ your stunning achievement.

Which sentence is NOT correct?

Which sentence is correct?

Your wallet is right in front ______ you!

The equipment ___ delivered tomorrow afternoon.

In the year 3000, most people ____ in cities.

Which sentence is NOT correct?

Which sentence is NOT correct?

Simon and Emma ____ going to get married.

____ you get home, we’ll be having dinner.

Which sentence is NOT possible?

_______ the apples in the basket are rotten, so I can use _______ them for the pie.

A: Bob is too inexperienced ...... that Job. B: But he still hopes ...... it.

A: You have promised ...... here on time, but you are late again. B: Sorry. I tried ...... even earlier, but there was             too much traffic.

There are two slices of cake left on the plate. I'll  eat _______ them. You can have them.

He gave me two music CDs, but I liked ___ of them.

Using Argot in Education



Together we map out your course  aims and objectives, desired outcomes and required resources.

The ‘Needs Analysis’ confirms the pedagogical framework, target learner needs, language level, language situations, target languages, and course duration.

Argot uses AI to generate language situations for teaching in your target language(s) followed by language verification for nuance and accuracy.

Argot sets up the training dashboard for the teacher(s), tutor with analytics progress tracking, course monitoring.



Course delivery is via the Argot App for self-access learning. Access is only for nominated teams. Permissions can be set for limited or extended access to different courses.

Language training options are also available for blended learning with classroom* and/or webinar instruction to supplement the self-access delivery (*depending on location).

Argot can follow a trimester, semester or whole year curriculum or even short courses for summer schools and private institutions. An Argot Course Consultant provides support to deliver ongoing content and evaluation of progress.



Evaluation starts on day one of delivery. Access to the Argot dashboard allows Teachers to monitor progress and get feedback at individual and class level.

Data points include access logs, content studied, time spent on the course, progress, milestones achieved, tests completed and badges awarded. Completion of the course can be rewarded with a certificate for download.

For short courses, consult with Argot to adjust and change reporting according to your needs, For ongoing training, regular evaluation can be scheduled with your Argot manager.

Argot for Schools and Colleges

Argot is a powerful add-on for your students in addition to your own language courses. Use Argot as the main language learning tool for web and mobile which students can use anytime and anywhere. Or add Argot to your resources to reinforce and build confidence in speaking and listening.

Add your own content to Argot. Students can practice outside the classroom with their AI Buddies. Students can download the app on devices that run Android or iPhone. Teachers log in on the cloud platform to see usage, performance analytics, and get bespoke reports on students and groups of learners.

What is Argot for Schools?

Argot for Schools allows anyone to build the skills needed to learn and speak a language. Each unit provides targeted practice in vocabulary, grammar, and graded language. Ample opportunity is provided to listen, speak, read, and write. Timed tests in each unit allow students to gauge proficiency and progress.

Badges are awarded for completing levels and skills. Become a Master Learner with regular practice.

Argot’s language learning app uses the latest AI solutions and language learning methodologies providing English language learning with detailed support for language courses created by our team of language experts and a social network to practice with native speakers.

  • Latest AI-driven courses for your students
  • Endorsed by leading educators
  • Available for download on the google play store (iOS coming soon)
  • Study anytime anywhere with AI Buddies who are free to talk 24/7
  • Cloud platform for teachers to track progress and generate reports
  • Simple to set up. Scalable for all your teaching needs

Language Experts

Argot for Schools has a team of language experts whose job is to align language learning pedagogy with situational conversations and the disruptive benefits of AI. Voice technologies are the driver behind Argot’s ability to help language learners improve their spoken and conversational fluency.

    Argot for Schools

    “Argot is an exciting new development in language learning which encourages language learners to speak and improves conversational fluency with an AI Buddy and AI Tutor. While other language apps tend to focus on vocabulary and grammar proficiency, Argot provides ample opportunity to talk.”

    Andrew Hemingway, Co-Director of International Programmes, Hertford College, Oxford University

    Andrew has been working in the field of international education for over 30 years. He has taught and lectured in various subjects in the UK, Italy, and Japan. He has overall responsibility for academic programme design.


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