How Argot Business Works

Bespoke Content, Self-access Apps with Dashboard Analytics

 Argot offers highly customized AI-generated language situations for your exact needs, delivered by self-access learning with the option for blended learning to allow you to choose the best approach for business training.

Argot Coaching

Argot Language courses are designed to transform your teams’ progress in learning. Choose from pure self-access with dashboard control to a blended delivery with proven experts in language training available to help you design, deliver and evaluate course aims and objectives. Overcome traditional scheduling problems with flexible always available course content.

Argot Gives you More Time

Language and communication training is time-consuming and requires planning and monitoring. Choosing the right content provider is tough. Let Argot help you manage the creation and delivery of exactly the content you need, and give you the analytics and tools to deliver effective programs for executive and customer-facing staff alike.

Argot for Business control dialogs

Argot Academy

Argot gives you the benefits of a neighborhood business language school available anywhere and anytime. Give your teams on-brand and up-to-the-minute language situations and dialogs.

Argot generates the topics you request and require using our AI algorithms, managed and monitored by experts in education and course and curriculum design.

Argot also provides testing and certification to motivate and reward your employees.

Always Fresh Content

Argot language and training experts have spent a lifetime running companies and training senior executives in-house  to students from prestigious universities from Oxford University to Beijing and Tokyo.

Our AI-led approach takes the best of technology to offer bespoke solutions for your students that go beyond older textbooks and content that is no longer relevant. And you create the content with us.

We provide content beyond situations on request including business writing document templates for your business domain, designed specifically for virtual environments. Argot helps you define your training needs, your teams, and company locally and globally. 

Argot for Business control dialogs
Argot for Business - call center staff

Training Partner

We provide a dedicated training partner for your courses to set up the program and confirm the aims and objectives of your programs align with content and delivery provide support to ensure the content is appropriate throughout your training programs.

Build: Program Design

Deploy: Training Program Launch 

Evaluate: Course Deployment


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