Argot for Business

Give your valued employees the opportunity to become truly fluent in their chosen language and take control of conversations for business. Improve negotiation power, add more punch to sales talks, and upgrade customer service interactions.

For Companies

Bespoke Spoken Language Fluency for your Employees

The Argot team is here to support your learning goals by developing bespoke options to help you tailor your programs for your students and employees. Get in touch to discuss how we can help.

Analytics and Progress Tracking

Argot’s language dashboard allows teachers and tutors to monitor progress and download reports on individuals and class groups. Fully customisable dashboard in development with permission levels to allow multiple tiers of access from students to teachers and administrators.

Rewards and Certificates

Argot’s dashboard will also allow you to administer and provide certificates for achieving pre-determined and course goals. Certificates can be downloaded automatically upon completion of a level or controlled by teaching staff. Argot also provides optional tools such as badges, leaderboard ranking and points systems to motivate and reward students.

For Employees

Access Anytime

ARGOT’s AI Buddies and AI Tutor system allows learners to drop by anytime and practice a new dialogue with a different Buddy or improve on material studied with vocabulary games, quizzes and cultural points. Lessons are available offline for study anywhere.

Your Personal AI Tutor

ARGOT’s unique AI Tutor system listens in, analyses, and records your students’ highs and lows. Get personalised tips on ways to practice and improve your pronunciation, performance, and empathy.

“Argot is an exciting new development in language learning which encourages language learners to speak and improves conversational fluency with an AI Buddy and AI Tutor. While other language apps tend to focus on vocabulary and grammar proficiency, Argot provides ample opportunity to talk.”

Andrew Hemingway, Co-Director of International Programmes, Hertford College, Oxford University

Andrew has been working in the field of international education for over 30 years. He has taught and lectured in various subjects in the UK, Italy, and Japan. He has overall responsibility for academic programme design.


Argot for Business


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